Friday, January 9, 2015

Central government employees waiting for Interim relief

Mumbai bureau Venu Gopal Arya writes an article regarding Interim Relief, he said, the declaration by the government may be done during or before the budget session. We present his view here to our blog viewers for easy understanding…
Central government employees waiting for Seventh Pay commission and interim relief
Staff union making up pressure on the Seventh Pay commission
• Pay commission was formed in February 2014
• Workers waiting for Interim Relief
• Pay commission busy with the necessary process
• Conditions will be applicable from 01 January 2016
• More than 50 Lakh Central government employees will be benefitted

Even though the Seventh Pay commission was formed by the Manmohan Singh government before the advent of Election for the sake of a Political advantage, this was pleasant news for the Central Government Employees.
Soon after the formation, the Pay commission has also started meeting the relevant Employee Organisations. Meeting different organisations and obtaining their opinions are still in progress. The Pay commission has also visited various cities for this cause.
Meeting Employees and Organisations in different cities and understanding their living conditions is the general functional procedure of the Pay commission. It is to be known that the recommendation for House Rent Allowance is also given by the Pay Commission.
The Sixth Pay commission was released to the Employees in 2006. The recommendations of the Pay commissions are provisioned to be accepted after 10 years. Now the recommendations of the Pay Commission are to be implemented by the government before Janurary 2016.
Another important point for the Pay commission to work on is the Dearness Allowance which has already crossed 100 percent. It is a common practice that employees are given an Interim relief when the Dearness Allowance crosses 100 percent. This is also to be considered by the Government and the Pay commission.
Sources say that the declaration by the government may be done during or before the budget session.
The pay commission is also taking a memorandum from the Employee Unions and Organisations. As always, even this time every Employee is looking forward to the Railway Federation, as the Railway Employee Union is believed to be very strong. It is believed that the conditions and directions of the Pay commission are influenced to a very large extent by the Railway union. The defence organisation is also very strong, but they didn’t accept the conditions of the Sixth Pay Commission, and later their pay scale was modified. For this reason, all the Central government employees have fixed their sight on the Railway Union.
This time, Railways has been divided into two big Employee unions for the sake of Pay. Now, only time can tell how fruitful will this strategy will prove to be.

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