Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Calendar of Departmental Examinations 2014

Sl No.
Name of the Examination
Proposed Schedule tentatively
(A) Centralised Examination
Inspector of Posts Examination
23rd and 24th August 2014
Ps Gr ‘B’ Examination
Postmaster Grade – I Exam
LGO Examination for PAs/SAs in Circle
24th August 2014 Sunday
Junior Engineer( C&E)Examination
Will be notified after receipt of Question Banks and syllabus revised . For the vacancies of previous years.
Assistant Engineer ( C&E)Examination
Same as Above
Sr. Postmaster Examination
Tentatively proposed to be held on October 2014, by which time it is expected thatcourt verdicts will be pronounced.
PAs/SAs Direct RecruitmentExamination
March 2014 for 2013 vacancies. Another recruitment in November 2014 for 2014 vacancies.
Assistant Manager ( MMS)
Will be notified after receipt of revised Recruitment Rules /Question Banks and syllabusrevised.
Assistant Accounts Officer (AAO)
 As Above.


Sl No.
Name of the Examination
Proposed Schedule tentatively
(B) De-centralised Examination
Confirmation Examination for direct recruit Jr Accountants in PAO
17th & 18th may 2014
LDCs to Junior Accountants in PAOs
14th &15th June 2014
LGO Examination for promotion to Assistants of other wings i.e. MMS , Foreign Post, RLO, Stores Depot and CO/RO
20th July 2014
Postman Examination
Direct Recruitment to Multi taskingStaff
To be held in October for 2014 vacancies.
PO&RMS Accountant Examination
25th May,2014
Departmental Examination for promotion to LDCs in PAOs fromSorters and MTS.
Departmental Examination for promotion to LDCs in PAOs from MTS qualified in matriculation

No proposal to introduce ‘Parents Care Leave’ on line of ‘Child Care Leave’ – Central Government

In Rajya Sabha the Minister of Personnel, Public Grievances and Pensions Shri.V.Narayanasamy said in written reply to a question that there is no proposal to provide for Parent Care Leave on the lines of Child Care Leave (CCL).
And also he replied, "Global Age Watch Index is a measure of quality of life and well-being of older people around the world. It measures the economic, social and political elements. India is ranked 73rd out of 91 countries selected for the index.

The Government has no proposal to provide for Parent Care Leave on the lines of Child Care Leave (CCL). CCL is allowed to female Central Government employees with a specific purpose of improving participation of more females in Government service. The Central Government employees are already entitled to various kinds of leave which can be availed for appropriate purposes".

Tuesday, December 10, 2013


Bangalore GPO is launching a new service ‘Post Shoppe’ in Karnataka Circle. This has been in existence in Postal services earlier also. This is a new venture to enhance the pleasure and purpose of visit to India Post Office by esteemed customers thereby satisfying their other needs too while they are at business with us.

The Post Shoppe is basically aimed at bringing various items of selected consumer utility products on sale under one roof at Bangalore GPO. The Post Shoppe is now initially designed for the stationery products, philately frames, books from National Book Trust in Kannada, Hindi and English, coffee mugs with zodiac designs on it, light refreshments, beverages like coffee, tea, boost etc, envelopes, Greeting cards, HMT watches, Delight Solar lamps, Xerox, etc. The Post Shoppe is designed with a capacity for vertical and horizontal expansion.

All products available in the Post Shoppe are for sale on MRP rates only.

It is also proposed to expand on the basis of feedback from the customers on their needs and also to create a platform for various organizations if approached with the approval of Chief Postmaster General, Karnataka Circle, Bangalore 560001.

This is a Karnataka Circle endeavor to provide a shelf for the intellectual, aesthetic and utility products for the customer’s benefit. The Post Shoppe will be operated by Manager Post Shoppe. The primary objective of this Post Shoppe is Customer delight.


The Inauguration function was held in the hall of Bangalore GPO on 10.12.13 at 11.00 hours. Welcome address was made by Shri Ashutosh Kumar Hanjura, Chief Postmaster, Bangalore GPO. The Shoppe was inaugurated by Shri Raghavendra H Auradkar, Commissioner of Police, Bangalore City by lighting the lamp to mark the inauguration jointly with Smt Arundhati Ghosh, Postmaster General, South Karnataka Circle and Smt Veena Srinivas Postmaster General, Business Development, Bangalore.

The Post Shoppe is the brain child of Shri M.S.Ramanujan, the Chief Postmaster General, Karnataka Circle, Bangalore 560001.

During the address, the Chief Guest Shri Auradkar commended the new changes being brought into the Post offices. He intimated that he is in habit of using Speed Post until date and expressed his pleasure in continuing the usage. He also intimated his experience in private courier where there were pilferages in a case under his investigation. He assured that his office would procure the stationery items from the Post Shoppe. He wished the Post Shoppe a great success.

Vote of thanks extended by Shri Dinesh Khare, Deputy Chief Postmaster, Bangalore GPO.


Friday, November 1, 2013

Wish you all happy Deepavali


Thursday, October 31, 2013

Tips For Kids to Safe Diwali Celebrations With Fireworks

Diwali the festival of lights brings fun and togetherness. For children fireworks new clothes and sweets make this festival the most eagerly awaited of the year.

Unfortunately injuries from fireworks spoil the fun for many families – and though Diwali is a holiday for most of us fire departments and hospitals around the country are on constant alert to tackle the various mishaps.Each year brings a fresh crop of cases involving loss of eyesight and serious burns and injuries caused by fireworks. Most of these cases involve children.Freak accidents invariably occur when kids are allowed to play with fireworks unattended. The most common reason is wrong handling of fireworks.Parents need to take some precautions to avoid such tragedies. For instance it is extremely important to know the difference between a legal consumer firework and a dangerous explosive device.

The latter can cause serious injury or even death. Both parents and their children need to stay away from anything that is not clearly labeled and does not display the manufacturers name and instructions for proper use.Fundamentally children must understand that fireworks are not toys that they burn at approximately the same temperature as a household match and that they can ignite clothes and cause burns and injuries if used improperly.

Parents must never allow young children to handle fireworks without close adult supervision. Even seemingly harmless sparklers and ‘flower pots can be dangerous for very young kids especially to those under age five.Most of these and similar nonexplosive fireworks can create havoc if lighted in busy areas. Rockets can shoot off into non intended directions to injure people and even enter homes to set things inside on fire.

Fireworks Safety Tips For Kids

We often do not realise the potential danger and therefore ignore even the most rudimentary precautions. Caution and proper care can ensure a safe and fun filled Diwali “ it all boils down to a few 
simple dos and donts.

Never allow your kids to play with fireworks unattended


1. Supervise children while they light fireworks.Make sure you buy Fireworks from a licensed shop.
Read the instructions and follow all safety precautions instructed with regard to the use of fireworks.

2. Make them light fireworks outside the house.

3. Have them hold sparklers away from the body

4. Keep ˜flower pots and chakras on even flat ground while lighting them

5. Have them light up rockets only on open ground

6. Ensure proper distance from the fireworks away at a distance while they are lighting them

7. Make sure they are wearing closed footwear and close fitting clothes of thick material instead of loose or flowing garments while lighting fireworks

8. Keep a water bucket and burn ointment or aloe vera gel handy

9. Check the area before igniting fireworks to ensure that no inflammable materials are near

10. Ensure they light only one firework at a time

11. Discard used fireworks in a bucket of water this way you can avoid people from stepping on to and hurting their feet from used fireworks which are thrown on the ground



1.  Don't burn crackers in crowded, congested places, narrow lanes, near sources of fire or inside the house.

2.  Don't let children burst crackers unaccompanied by an adult. Keep an eye on them constantly.

3.Don't put fireworks in your pocket. Careless smoking is the leading cause of fire deaths in North America.

4.  Don't dare to examine un-burst crackers.. leave it!! Light a new cracker.

5. Don't show the Dare-devilry of lighting crackers on own hands. One tends to light bombs, by bringing them close to the candle or incense, rather than bringing the incense close to the bomb. Avoid doing such feats, as there are chances of the firework falling on someone passing by.

6.  Avoid long loose clothes, as they are fast in catching fire.

7.  Strictly avoid using matches and lighters for bursting crackers for Diwali as they have open flames that can be dangerous.

8.  Never ignite aerial fireworks (like rockets) if there is any overhead obstruction present like trees and wires.

9. Never ever leave a lit match, agarbatti (incense stick) or sparkler near unused crackers.

10. Never experiment with crackers or make your own fireworks.

11. Avoid bursting crackers on the roads-it could cause a major road accident.

12. Never ever light a cracker while holding it in your hand. See to it that you put it down and then ignite it.

13.   Don't keep your face close to the cracker while trying to light it.

14.  Do not throw fireworks at people.

15. Never give any firework item to small children.

16.   When crackers take time or do not ignite immediately, do not keep in trying to burst them. Move away immediately. Throw some water to diffuse them.
Finally Diwali is a family festival  it should be a source of joy for everyone including kids. But these small but important steps can ensure that the Festival of Lights does not bring darkness into your lives.


Dear Comrades,
VII-CPC – Terms of reference-

               The members of the National Secretariat of the Confederation available at New Delhi met on 23rd Oct. 2013 and again on 24th October, 2013 to discuss and formulate our views on the 7thCPC terms of Reference.  On the basis of the discussions, we prepared a draft terms of reference and submitted it for consideration of the Staff Side.  The important points we placed in our draft for the consideration of the staff side were:-

(a)    The Commission to examine the present structure of pay and allowances and suggest changes.
(b)    To give effect to its recommendations from 1.1.2011 i.e. wage revision must be after       every five years.
(c)    D.A (50%) to be merged with pay with effect from 1.1.2011.
(d)    To determine Interim relief taking into account the erosion in the value of wages over the years,
(e)    To include GDS within the ambit of the 7th Central Pay Commission.
(f)     To revise the retirement benefits and accord pension maintaining parity in quantum in respect of past, present and future pensioners.
(g)    To extend the statutory defined benefit pension to those who have entered service after 1.1.2004.
(h)    To settle the anomalies raised in various fora of JCM on a priority basis and within a specified time frame.
(i)      To provide cashless/hazzle free Medicare to employees and pensioners.

The Government of India had convened a meeting of the Staff side representatives on 24.10.2013 to discuss the terms of reference.  The meeting took place at 3.00PM on 24th under the Chairmanship of Secretary, Personnel.  Besides the points mentioned above, the staff raised many other matters connected with the setting up of the CPC. viz. the inclusion of labour Representative as a Member of the Commission; the anomalous  situation brought about by the Grade pay based MACP Scheme; the requirement of a mechanism to settle the 6th CPC related anomalies;  the need to allow the proposals of Cadre Review to be examined by the Government independently without referring it to CPC;  to have members in the Commission who have gained  expertise to impart to the Commission the nuances and functional requirements of various Departments;  to relook at the new Pay Structure brought in by the 6th CPC in the light of the experience between 2008 to 2013 etc.  In conclusion the staff side requested the Government to provide it with a draft terms of reference taking into account the views placed by them.  It was also proposed by the Staff Side that on exchange of the draft terms of reference prepared by the Staff Side and the Official Side, a meeting with the Secretary, Personnel and Secretary, Expenditure could be arranged to iron out the differences, if any.
The Staff Side met again on 25th at its office and deliberated upon various views presented by different organisations and finalised the draft terms of reference. We shall publish the said draft terms of reference as and when the same is submitted to the Government.
It is obvious that despite the unanimous position taken by all the organisations, the Government may not necessarily agree with many of the basic issues, viz. Date of effect, merger of  DA, Interim Relief, Coverage of GDS etc.  We appeal to our affiliates/ State COCs to continue the campaign amongst the employees to generate necessary sanctions.
With greetings,
Yours fraternally,
Secretary General


Finalized by the Staff Side at the meeting of 25.10.2013.

A.     To examine the existing structure of pay, allowances and other benefits/facilities, retirement benefits like Pension, Gratuity, other terminal benefits etc. to the following categories of employees.

1       Central Government employees – industrial and non industrial;
2       Personnel belonging  to  All India services;
3       Personnel belonging to the Defence Forces;
4       Personnel called as Grameen Dak Sewaks belonging to the Postal   Department;
5        Personnel  of Union Territories;
6      Officers and employees of the Indian Audit and Accounts                     Department;
7       Officers and employees of the Supreme Court;
8       Members of Regulatory bodies (excluding RBI) set up under Act of      Parliament.

B.     To work out the comprehensive revised pay packet for the categories of Central Government employees mentioned in (A) above as on 1.1.2014.

C.     The Commission will determine the pay structure, benefits facilities, retirement benefits etc. taking into account the need to provide minimum wage with reference to the recommendation of the 15th Indian Labour Conference (1957) and the subsequent judicial pronouncement of the honorable Supreme Court there-on, as on 1.1.2014.

D.     To determine the Interim Relief needed to be sanctioned immediately to the Central Government employees  and  Pensioners mentioned in (A) above;

E.     To determine the percentage of Dearness allowance/Dearness Relief immediately to be merged with Pay and pension 

F.      To settle the anomalies raised in various fora of JCM.                                                     

G.    To work out the improvements needed to the existing  retirement benefits, like pension, death cum retirement gratuity, family  pension and other terminal or recurring  benefits maintaining parity amongst past, present and future pensioners and family pensioners including those who entered service on or after 1.1.2004.

H.    To recommend methods for providing cashless/hassle-free Medicare facilities to the employees and Pensioners including Postal pensioners.


ಕನ್ನಡ ರಾಜ್ಯೋತ್ಸವದ  ಹಾರ್ದಿಕ ಶುಭಾಶಯಗಳು 


Monday, October 21, 2013

Some more photos

Com.H.R.Eshwarappa, DS, Postmen and Gr D presenting memento to Sri B.Chandrakanta Kamath,SPOs, Shimoga Division,

                               Com.Rajakumar H V, DS, ED Union presenting Vote of thanks.