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Shri Vineet Pandey (I.Po.S.-1986) PMG, SK Region, Karnataka Circle will hold additional charge of GM (CEPT), Mysore until further orders as per Directorate Order No. 1-10/2009-SPG dated 16/08/2012.


NFPE South Zone Study Camp will be held at Chennai, T. Nagar on 13th and 14th October, 2012. Delegates from all NFPE Unions from Kerala, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh Circles will participate. NFPE Tamil Nadu Circle Coordinating Committee will function as Reception Committee. Further details will follow. All concerned please note the dates = M. Krishnan, Secretary General, NFPE.

How to think positive and improve your life

Most of us do no have the perfect job or the perfect life that we have dreamt of living in the big city. 
Hence, to pull through the day and do your best at your make-do job, you need to be motivated and encouraged to think positively. A lot can be achieved if you are an optimist, ask the big dreamers who believed and put their
 heart and soul in achieving their dreams. We give you the top 5 mantras for positive thinking.

Learning and growing: To begin our journey, we asked Life Coach, Malti Bhojwani, about her mantras for getting through life's difficult moments. She talks about one of her role models, Oprah Winfrey, and her mantra - Live your Best Life, "I love Oprah Winfrey, she has inspired me for decades and even more so when I chose the path of personal development and became a life coach."

Malti says, "To Live your Best Life is to: Be more
 splendid, more extraordinary. Use every moment to fill yourself up, use what you already have to move towards being better, to evolving and growing your life."

To feel empowered: Empowering yourself involves positive thoughts and self-belief. Malti speaks highly of Helen Reddy's song - I am strong, I am invincible, I am woman, "She's Australian and her song though was popular since it came out in 1975, but then it was revived when Samantha, Carrie, Charlotte and Miranda performed it in the 2nd Sex And The Citymovie."

She says "Whenever you feel like you are unsure about doing something, try singing this in your head or out loud, if I had to, I can do anything, 'I am strong, I am invincible, I am woman'."

Replace negativity: When problems are thrown at us, pessimism automatically creeps in. We feel the problem is too overwhelming for us to solve and often go into depression.

In her upcoming book Don't Think of a Blue Ball, in the chapter on "replacing negativity," Malti writes, "Your self-talk means well, it just needs to be trained to use language effectively to help you manifest your desires instead of perpetuating your current results.

Not entertaining the negative chatter is great, but it is impossible to do unless you give yourself new scripts. You need to become like a sentry or watchman of your chatter and notice each disempowering one when they come up and then replace them with empowering ones. If I asked you now, 'whatever you do, DO NOT think of a blue ball,' what is the image you conjured up in your head? A blue ball! You cannot not think of something, without first thinking of it. Can you?

So as Mike Dooley says, Thoughts become Things, choose the good ones."

Combat stage fright or cold feet: Most of us feel tongue tied in front of an audience; we choke and the embarrassment is just too much to handle. Here, Malti gives us her secret, "My personal mantra when fearful or nervous 'Oh What The *#@+, go for it anyway'. I learnt this at a personal development intensive program I did many years ago, when I was younger, and it felt OK to swear when "pumped" I say "Ohhhhhhhhhhhh what the heck, go for it anyway" and then chant it as I go for it. I often teach this to my clients and when I start it sounds like I'm about to say Om, so it is quite funny."

Perseverance: Obama believed in Yes We can, so did millions of Americans; this positive attitude made him the first African American President. But does perseverance simply mean that you think you can, or that you persist and keep trying till you do?

Bhojwani's mantra is, "I can and I will - I am not sure who coined this mantra, but I like this one for when I need to be focused and keep at a job or a practice to achieve a very specific goal.

Whether you think you can or think you can't, you are right.- Henry Ford

Saying 'I can' gives you the belief that you are capable and saying you will affirms that you have the desire to do it. Combined this is a super-powerful mantra to support you in shooting your target just like a archer on the battlefield, no matter that chaos is going on around him."
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In 1978, while entering in its Silver Jubilee Year, the NFPTE had organised its P&T Convention at Patna. The demand of “3 Promotions at 10, 20 and 25 years” for P&T employees was coined in that National Convention. This demand was necessitated by the fact that most of the P&T employees were retiring without even getting a single promotion in their long career in those days. The Clerical employees retired without even becoming LSG and the Postmen were retiring without even promoted as Sorting Postman or Head Postman / Mail Overseer Postman, the only hierarchical promotion available at that time. After much negotiations and struggles, ultimately the Government agreed two promotions and introduced TBOP and BCR Promotions on completion of 16 and 26 years. All P&T employees were thereafter ensured of at least two promotions. But the movement had paid some price including major punishments to cadres to win the demand of two promotions.
The introduction of TBOP and BCR promotions caused the hierarchical promotion of Sorting Postman / Mail Overseer Postman etc irrelevant as most of the Postmen staff attained TBOP and BCR promotion before getting the only regular promotion available. The Department also discontinued constituting the DPC to promote Postmen staff. Similar was the case with the Group ‘D’ staff also, in whose case the promotion to Jamedar Group ‘D’ was discontinued. Even though the Department had subsequently declared unilaterally that the TBOP/BCR is not a promotion but only a scheme of financial upgradation like ACP Scheme, the regular hierarchical  promotional ladder was not restored or updated to ensure regular promotion to Postman and Group ‘D’ cadres. However, the TBOP, BCR ensured two automatic upgradations financially.
Discriminatingly during the same time, the Officialdom did not satisfy itself with the available two or three promotions in its career but went ahead with repeated cadre restructuring schemes to ensure at least five promotions for the cadre of Officers! We see that an IPS Officer entering as SSPOs [Junior Time Scale Officer] in the Postal Department is ensured of five promotions at least in his career as Senior Time Scale, DPS, PMG, Chief PMG, Board Member and Director General. In Departments like Income Tax a Class I officer who enters as  Assistant Commissioner as an IRS Officer goes ahead with the promotions like Deputy Commissioner, Joint Commissioner, Additional Commissioner, Commissioner of Income Tax, Chief Commissioner of Income Tax, Board Member in CBDT and Chairman of CBDT. This is the case with all departments. The Government never cared for the promotional avenues of Group C and D employees while going on improving the career advancement of top officers.
The 6th Pay Commission also not cared much for ending the discrimination between the employees and officers in the central services. It simply recommended for only improving the periodicity of ACP financial upgradation from 12 and 24 years into 10 and 20 years through MACP. After much discussion in the JCM Standing Committee, the Government made only a marginal improvement by granting the third upgradation on completion of 30 years but created a lot of anomalies including taking away the benefit of parity with hierarchical promotions. The increase in number of up gradations to three necessitated us to switch over from TBOP/BCR system to MACP Scheme though we knew that under MACP the Promotees will not be granted equal number of up gradations like a direct recruitment. We however embraced the MACP for its benefits with the idea to focus the discrimination and set right it through our organisational efforts. Now, with the historic judgment of Jodhpur CAT, we have brighter chances of set righting the anomaly. But even that will not bring parity with the Officers, who are ensured of at least five promotions.
It is in this background that the NFPE raised it in the National Secretariat of the Confederation of CG Employees and the Confederation expanded its Charter of Demands into 15 Points by including the demand of Grant of 5 Promotions to all employees in their career on par with the Officers. This is a very important demand with far reaching implications in advancing the status of the Group C employees including the Postman and MTS.  The demand attains much more importance in the background of our cadre restructuring issue stagnating without any noticeable progress and at the initial level of discussions only. Proper popularisation of this new demand of 5 Promotions among all our membership is absolutely essential to create necessary tempo as we know very well that only when a new idea grips the minds of the employees it becomes a material force. We broke the stalemate in 1980s by strongly agitating for 2 Promotions. Let us now embrace the new demand of 5 Promotions and make it a reality soon. But everything depends on the rank and file organisation, which alone can succeed not only in popularising the new demand but also rousing the employees to agitate for the 15 Points charter of Confederation that focuses on 7th CPC, 50% merger of DA and grant of 5 Promotions etc. Time has come to end the discrimination between top officers and the bottom employees on number of promotions to advance the career prospects.


           As on date, 24,969 Departmental Post Offices have been computerised. Out of 24,969 computerised Departmental Post Offices 22,177 Post offices are having internet connectivity.
          In Rajasthan Circle, 1320 Departmental Post Offices have been computerized and out of these 1320 computerized Post offices 1299 have internet facility.
         The Government has approved IT Modernization Project of Department of Posts. It involves computerization and networking of all Post Offices through network integrator of the project including Branch Post Offices in the rural area. The roll out of the Project is expected in the year 2013-14 subject to finalization of the Request for Proposal (RFP) for Rural Hardware, timely implementation of the project and availability of funds.
         This was stated by Shri Sachin Pilot, the Minister of State in the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology in response to a written question in Rajya Sabha today.
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