Thursday, September 25, 2014


As per the call given by the C HQ and NFPE a day long Dharna was organised at Shimoga HPO premises on 24.09.2014.  A huge number of employees participated in the Dharna.  
Important Demands;
1. Inclusion of GDS in the perview of 7th Pay commission..
2. Grant 25% interim relief to CG employees.
3. Implementation of 7th Pay Commission report from 01.01.2014.
4. Immediate Merger of 50% DA with basic pay 
5. Scrap New Pension Scheme and grant Pension to all who recruited after 2004.
6. Remove slab of 5% on Compassionate appointment and grant CA on all eligible candidates.
7. Against the atrocities and harassment on staff by Regional and Divisional heads especially in    Karnataka and Delhi circle    And some more demands.

  Actually the staff in Shimoga Division are being harassed like anything by the Divisional administration.  Since last one year about 12 officials were went on voluntary retirement (that too in this crucial juncture i e., ahead of 7th Pay commission).  The leaders are ill treated and many of the SPMs are threatened.  The lady officials are being targeted  and threatened of transfer.  All these were brought to the notice of CHQ, Circle Union and Circle and Regional Office.  There is not concrete move from the PMG or CPMG.  The employees urged for the immediate relief from such officer who is taking revenge on the employees on flimsy grounds.  The employees participated in the DHARNA took a stand that if no action is taken by the higher authorities, than the Divisional Union would take a stand of taking immediate Trade Union Action.

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