Friday, August 16, 2013

Victory for our continuous Campaign and Struggle

better late, than never!!

at last department of posts and ministry of communications  admitted that mckensey
model (mnop) l1, l2

is a total failure

orders issued to restore the old position

name remains (l1, L2) but the scheme stands scraped

the stand taken by the jca (nfpe& fnpo)

from the very beginning has been proved right.

it is a victory for our continuous campaign and struggles including the decision for indefinite strike which compelled the department to give an assurance that no rms offices will be closed.

nfpe congratulates the entire postal and rms

employees for this victory.

Now the question to be answered by the authorities are:

1.     Who is responsible for the delay caused to the public mails due to back-routing for the last two years?

2.     Who is responsible for the loss of public faith and trust in the Postal department due to heavy delay caused due to L1, L2 in processing and transmission of public mails?

3.     Who is responsible for paying an amount of more than 100 crores to be Mckensey Consultancy for this anti-people, anti-worker, “Tuglak Model” reforms?

4.     Who are those behind this shady deal with the Mckensy consultancy?  Why are they not taken to task?    
                                                                                            SECRETARY GENERAL    

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