Friday, August 16, 2013


Com.B.Sudanandappa, Com.K.S.Ranganath and Com.Shantappa were presided over the meeting
1.             The house noted with deep concern over the constant shortage of staff in the division in the cadres of Postal Assistant, Postmen/MTS.  It is observed by the meeting that due importance is not given for timely relief of those working in single handed offices, officials seeking leave on even medical grounds etc.  The officials are not getting leave to update their knowledge – not relieved for exams, similarly for attending religious functions.  Therefore this meeting urge upon the divisional administration to take immediate action to fill up all vacant posts including anticipated vacancies and as done in case of Postmen and GDS the vacant posts of Postal Assistants may also be filled up from among the eligible Postmen/MTS qualified but not selected in the promotional exams.  It is felt that this is the need of the hour in the interest of public service and the toiling staff as well. 
2.             The house showed much anguish upon the divisional administration on its in action on the false police complaint lodged by the Secretary NAPE Group C, Shimoga against 53 members of our union.  No government servant is expected to indulge in such activity and therefore the meeting demands action deemed fit in this regard without any further delay.  Any reluctance on the part of the administration would compel the unions to resort to industrial action as per law till the justice is meted out.
3.               The house noted with deep concern about non consideration of the transfer cases for modifications vide Rotational Transfer s, 2013-14 where women officials are targeted.  They have been shifted to the place of much inconvenience.  Their choices of places were not taken taken into account which act is nothing but violation of guidelines on transfers.  The department would save in lakhs if the modifications suggested by the union are considered.  Hence the meeting urges the administration to look into the matter on priority in the best interest of the department and the welfare of staff.   
4.         The meeting showed much anguish over the delay in supply of uniforms, Chappals and umbrellas to the eligible staff for the last three years.  In the present completion world, especially against the private competitors it is necessary to impress upon our customer to have our identity as postal officials.  Uniforms play vital role in this regard and hence it is urged upon the administration to do the needful for immediate supply of uniforms and other kit items.
5.       The meeting expressed its dissatisfaction over the o procedure adopted in filling the post of  SPM, Shimoga Market PO undermining well established policy guidelines on transfers.  Any deviation from the guidelines for transfers is only under special circumstances such as compassionate, health grounds etc.  When there are officials put to much inconveniences due to the current rotational transfer orders it is not known how the case of an official who has not completed his tenure, also known for shirking nature and  trouble some to the public is considered favorably.  The meeting therefore urge upon the administration to review the matter in the interest of public service.
6.       This house noted with deep concern that the proper conveyance of cash to the SOs/BOs are not being made. SPMs are being forced to go to the HOs/Cash offices during the working hours without proper securities. Even the cash oversees are being forced to convey cash  above the line limit without the proper escorts. This is very dangerous situation. This house urges the divisional administration to take immediate note of the situation and act accordingly in the interest of the staff and the member public.
7.This house noted with deep concern that women employees are being harassed  like anything in the division. Their legitimate claim of CCL is not being granted on plea of shortage of staff. Even the  CCL following maternity leave is not being granted instead ELs/HPLs/Commuted leaves are granted. This house urges the divisional administration to look in the afresh and grant CCL to eligible and needy officials
8. This house noted with deep concern that the relocation of the post offices are  not being done. Some of the SOs and BOs are arbitrary. There is clear cut instructions from the Directorate that in case of closure, those offices should be re located. This is not being done in the division. Even for opening of offices(SO/BO) in some potential areas are kept in cold storage. This house urges the divisional administration to take up the issue on priority and relocate the offices at needy areas.
9.       Despite clear cut rulings on the subject TRCA to the new recruits in GDS category is not fixed rationally.  They are eligible for minimum TRCA of the post, e.g. if the pay of the post is in III TRCA the official concerned should get minimum of the III TRCA and not the minimum in I TRCA which is not at all relevant.  In this instant example the official works for 5 hours and eligible for minimum of IIITRCA if working as GDSMD. What is due to the official should be given as this section of the department is the most exploited one.   Alarmingly there are 60-70 cases to be redressed with proper fixation of TRCA.  The members are agitating over the inordinate delay in the matter which deserves immediate attention.  The meeting urge for immediate action.  
The meeting demands immediate action on the above issues lest the divisional union would be forced to commence non cooperation followed by Trade union action.
Copy to;
1.The Postmaster General SK Region Bangalore .
2  Circle secretary A IPEU group C/ Postmen Group D/ AIPEDEU
3. General Secretaries CHQ New Delhi
3 Press.

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