Thursday, February 20, 2014

7th CPC Terms of Reference - Whether Govt. actually merged Dearness Allowance with basic pay today (20/02)

7th CPC Terms of Reference
Confederation Secretary General informed today that "DOP&T has finalized the terms of reference of Seventh Central Pay Commission and submitted to Cabinet for approval. 
Details of the terms of reference finalized by DOP&T is not disclosed to the staff side. Details will be known only after the Cabinet meeting which is likely to be held today evening or tomorrow". 
(Date of Cabinet Meeting not confirmed)
NFIR General Secretary said today, "Major Demand of NFIR's 65 Point Charter - DA Merger and Interim Relief is being considered by Union Cabinet today i.e.,20.02.2014, results awaited..."
And one of the popular blog(paycommissionupdate) for CG Employees has published as under...
Whether Govt. actually merged Dearness Allowance with basic pay today (20/02) ?
Rumors spread very fast this afternoon that central cabinet approved terms of reference of seventh CPC and agreed to merge 50% of D.A. with basic pay for central employees and pensioners. Some of the popular websites and media sites started flashing this news. A cabinet meeting did took place today but according to sources, it was not discussed in the meeting due to paucity of time. 
Merger of D.A., granting interim relief and enhancing superannuation age are definitely being actively considered by the Govt. but nothing has been materialized as of now
F.M. is proceeding to Australia for a five days official tour and it is most likely that cabinet will take any decision only after his return from abroad. 
So good news may be expected in the next weekend. 

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