Monday, September 30, 2013


Mandli NDTBO BO A/W Shimoga Market SO was ordered for abolition by Superintendent of Post Offices, shimoga vide his letter dated 24.09.2013 and circulated on 27.09.2013 and order to be effected from 01.10.2013.  Immediately our union protested against the order of abolition of BO on the following grounds.
  1. BO was a good running BO having about 700 accounts.
  2. The BPM who is a lady she had recently redeployed from Sagar a place which is 75 KM away from Shimoga.
  3. By this abolition and her second redeployment she is forced to loose about Rs.2700/- less pay.
  4. Due notice to public for abolition of BO was not served and the suggestion and representations of member public and users of post office was not taken as per DGs instructions.

Our union given notice to SPOs against the orders and threaten spontaneous trade union action.  The member publics were also protested and raised slogan shouting against the abolition when ASP went for abolition action.  Local MLA and Councilors were also intervened. Police were called for to restore peace.  In the mean time Circle Secretary and General Secretaries were also informed and they also intervened.  At last  the local leaders were asked to for dialogue and SP took initiative and  himself contacted the higher authorities and put a halt for abolition.  Thanks to SP for his action.  Thanks to the Circle leaders and CHQ leaders for their timely intervention.  The local leaders Com Prahlada Rao, Com.H.R.Eshwarappa, com G.Raghavendra, com Prakash Rao, com H.V. Rajkumar, com T.K.Gopal, Com.Raghavendra Havaler attended the meeting with SPOs.  Thanks to comrades who had supported for the right cause.   


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