Sunday, December 4, 2011

News from CHQ : Meeting with CGM (PLI)

Based on our request, the CGM (PLI) invited for a meeting on 21.11.2011 at 11.30 hours. Com. K. V. Sridharan, General Secretary & Com. Balwinder Singh Financial Secretary attended the meeting. The following are the outcome after discussion.

1. Decentralisation of PLI/RPLI at divisional level

At the outset we recorded our apprehension that the decentralization of PLI/RPLI should not result to the similar fate of RD/MIS decentralization now ended in chaos as the decentralization was made without providing proper infrastructure, staff etc. The following are further discussions and decisions on the subject.
All the divisional offices have been supplied with one computer one UPS and one Printer exclusively for the PLI/RPLI work from the PLI funds recently. The Staff side’s demand to provide minimum three computers exclusively for this purpose will be considered by consulting the technology division of the Directorate. Meantime, the requirement will be called for from the circles.
All the D.O staff and supervisory staff will be imparted adequate training on PLI functions as requested by the staff side.
The claim cases, discontinued policies etc will be dealt only at RO/Circle level. In respect of other regular sanctions on maturity and also for loan and revival cases necessary safety software have been provided.
All Circle heads will be addressed to provide adequate arrangements to keep the records intact either in the divisional office or any one of the departmental building in case if sufficient accommodation at D.O is not available. Our concern that what happened at the time RD/MIS decentralization in respect of SB3cards & other records should not be repeated was well taken note of.

2. Man Power & Compensation

Creation of adequate staff to deal the works will be considered. Diversion of surplus staff will also be considered.
The staff side demand to convert the present honorarium with annual ceiling of Rs. 4000/- as incentive without ceiling has been accepted. It was assured to cause orders at the earliest.
The staff earlier drafted from the divisions to manage the PLI/RPLI work to circle office will be returned back to their home divisions.
Incentive for the work performed by Accounts branch staff for PLI/RPLI schedule preparation will be decided shortly.

3. Honorarium/Incentives to Field staff and GDS

We explained the delay in payment of incentive bill to GDS for procurement of RPLI and lengthy procedure being adopted in each division on verification of bills. The CGM immediately pointed out that orders have already been issued for simplification of procedure for sanction of incentive to all including GDS.
1. All Staff including GDS will be allotted a specific code number to each category of PLI/RPLI. Required software is already dispatched and it should be maintained at divisional level.
2. The incentive amount has been enhanced for RPLI business procured on or after 1.10.2009 by the divisional head @ of 10% of first year premium income and 2.5% of premium income subsequently. The incentive shall be paid on monthly or quarterly basis. There is no need to prepare any bill. The payment shall be made automatically by the divisional head.
We reacted that in no circle, automatic payment of incentive is being made as per our notice. The CGM informed that 42008 departmental employees and 48621 GDS officials have registered under the system.
Finally it is agreed to issue reminders to all circle heads to first register the code and effect payment of incentive automatically to the concerned SPM/BPM. A time frame for the extension will be decided.
It is most pertinent to mention that the RPLI incentive has been raised to three folds and this is not being implemented in many circles.
All Branch/Divisional/Circle Secretaries are requested to ensure registration of code number and automatic payment of incentives to GDs brethrens and other comrades.
The CGM assured that he will immediately initiate action through Secretary’s video conferencing to complete the process at the quickest possible time.
We demanded that the enhancement of free business from 4 crores to 9 crores for D.O PLI be revised for which there is no agreement. The CGM replied that it is based on the inflation which is inevitable.

4. Other Issues
i) We brought the discrimination in the maximum limit of PLI policy to physically challenged officials. The CGM replied that has been clarified vide Gazette notification dt. 27.05.2011 and enhanced the limit to Rs. 10 lakhs. After hearing the practical problems, the CGM assured to send one clarification to all circle heads and give the address and e-mail address of the consulting Actuary, Delhi for deciding the premium for such cases.
ii) It is told that the demand of providing more bonus or lesser premium to staff for their own PLI policies could not be possible as per the existing scheme unless we launch a separate scheme with lesser bonus for lesser premium.
Iii) We pointed out about non receipt of circulars from PLI Directorates since 2008. It was instructed to note down all the recognized unions in the mailing list for supply of PLI/RPLI circulars.
We recorded our thanks to Sri. Shekar K. Sinha, Chief General Manager, PLI Directorate for arranging such a meeting and discussed all the issues put forth by us over two hours.
n Kayveeyes, General Secretary --

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